Complete Drill Bit Kit with Abor

New Dry Diamond Drill Bits

Drilling into pre-installed tiles is not an easy task without the right equipment. Tiles can be easily damaged and it’s worth the investment in high quality and easy to use Diamond Drill Bits.

Most drill bits require water as a coolant for drilling into tiles. New Vitrex Drill bits drill feature dry action, using the premium diamond wax as a coolant and can drill up to 36 holes in 11mm porcelain tiles . They can be used with existing power tools including a Drill or an Angle Grinder.

The new VIT678DDB Vitrex Dry Diamond Drill Bit kit contains 3 drill bits 2 x 6mm, 1 x 7mm and 1 x 8mm and an arbor connection for drills. Produced using the highest quality diamond dust, they make drilling holes in a range of hard tiles including porcelain, granite, quarry and ceramic an easy task.

Also available in VIT6DDB 6mm, VIT7DDB 7mm and VIT8DDB 8mm single drill bits for specific tasks.

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