Vitrex Tile Spacing and Levelling Systems

One of the most common mistakes that contractors and DIYers often make is not using a tile levelling system to avoid tile lippage.

Lippage occurs when one tile edge is higher or lower than the adjacent tile that’s been laid. If this issue is not rectified during installation, this can cause weak points in the adhesive, which can damage the tiles or become a dangerous tripping hazard.

Vitrex LASH and LASHXL Tile levelling systems use wedges and clips to interlock the tiles, ensuring they remain level once laid by lowering the tile that sits higher until it is level with the adjacent tile.

Vitrex Spacers can be used between tiles and grouted over or used in tombstone format and removed once the adhesive is dry. Available in 2mm-7mm and in a choice of sizes, they are suitable for wall tiles (2-3mm) and floor tiles (4mm+).

Top Tip: LASH levelling systems are designed to help level the tiles and not space them. We recommend also using slightly larger spacers than the clips in the corners of the tiles.

See the Vitrex Tiling Tools catalogue or view our full range below. Vitrex Tiling Tools can be purchased from B&Q, Screwfix, Wickes, Homebase, Toolstation and other leading retailers. Call 01283 245430 for tool stockist details.

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