Vitrex Underlay

Vitrex Underlay is all made in the UK and the range includes Underlay for for laminate, engineered and solid wood and carpet.

Our Premium Underlay is made from 100% recycled plastic and is our best seller because it reduces noise, provides insulation and create a smooth surface for flooring installation, removing floor imperfections. It is also resistant to mould and damp from the sub floor.

Selecting the right underlay for your project:

Where is the new flooring being laid? In a large room with plenty of hard faced surfaces, sound reflection can easily reach annoying levels. These so called drum sounds can be be reduced with Underlay, this applies particularly in multi-story environments. Top Tip: Look for a high db rating of 19db or more to address this.

Ground floor application? If the flooring is being installed on a ground floor, Underlays with barriers or mould resistant can protect against damp and water vapour.

Uneven base? When applying Underlay on an uneven base, the thickness of the Underlay and it’s ability to absorb imperfections will assist with this to create a smooth install surface

Underfloor heating? If you are using electric Underfloor Heating, make sure that the Underlay has a high thermal resistance so that the heat can spread evenly under your flooring. Top Tip: Look for a Tog Rating of 2 or more.

Strength? Always look at compressive strength of the Underlay to prevent damage to the tongue and groove system of your laminate floor in case of puncture loads.

See the full range of Underlay products below. Vitrex Underlay can be purchased from B&Q, Screwfix, Homebase, Toolstation and other leading retailers. Call 01283 245430 for stockist details.

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